Our Causes

We believe that strong movements consist of (1) fighting against existing injustices and (2) rebuilding systems to meet our visions for the future. We represent these two goals through our campaigns and projects, respectively.

The Real Meals Campaign

We are mobilizing alongside Uprooted and Rising to support the Real Meals Campaign. We reject the Big 3 of Big Food -- Aramark, Sodexo, and Compass Group (and their subsidiaries) -- and their presence in our dining halls. These multinational foodservice companies have a long and heinous record when it comes to food justice. By contracting with them, our universities are complicit in the atrocities of our local and global food systems. We advocate for self-operated dining systems that demonstrate a commitment to real food, racial justice, and workers’ rights. Put simply, this campaign has three main demands:

It is important to note that these demands will look different for each chapter, as they should be adapted to reflect the specific needs of campuses and local communities. With that in mind, we are working to reclaim our schools’ power to make ethical food decisions.

For guidance on beginning this campaign at your institution, check out our #CutTheContract Toolkit, created in collaboration with Uprooted & Rising.



Transition to self-operated dining systems.



Commit to real food, racial justice, and worker's rights.



End university contracts with Aramark, Sodexo, and Compass Group.

Campus Food Initiative Study

We are currently developing case studies on campus food initiatives, which will provide us insight into the successes, failures, and opportunities for growth regarding food justice and equity at our academic institutions. 


Using the results of this study, we will determine our future campus-based and community-based projects. Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing research!